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strong tomato cages

A cage, stake, tripod, or twine will support your tomato vines and keep the fruit off the ground. ~ Homestead and Chill. 2) Make sure that whatever you’re growing will actually fit thru the cage holes. It’s polyester, (I think) so I can use it many years but it’s diamond shaped instead of square which makes the weaving easier. This is the ultimate guide to build tomato cages that are the perfect size, shape, and inexpensive design for growing big, healthy tomato plants. So after pushing the 14 vertical stakes into the soil, the cage is 1.5’w x 1.5d x 3.5′ h (variable). I was wondering if you know about these and how they work? I then stood them on end. When we lived in IL, my cages lasted 15 years. Will be sure to keep some out for tomato cages!!! Have you thought about growing mushrooms? I then installed four screw eyes – one near each corner of the wooden bed frame about an inch down from the top. Alas, the design appears to be no longer commercially available. Cattle panels are expensive. I have very similar cages made from cattle panels, but I attach one corner with hog rings. Joe, This is a tip regarding the picture of your ultimate tomato cages. So Savio makes do in various ways. And even though cages provide a better solution for tying up branches, they can be extremely difficult to harvest through. Also, would you or do you suggest lining the inside with a thin plexiglass to get some additional life out of the wood, especially if not using treated wood? Over 35 years ago I used concrete wire which is 5-6 feet tall. They were in a row… very attractive. I can adjust the the length of each shelf as needed or as wide as needed. Thanks for these tips Doug! Still going strong after 7 years of use, these DIY wood tomato cages are easy to build and provide a very beautiful and functional, sturdy support for garden tomatoes! Lastly, instead of lashing the cage together after it is placed in the ground, I made one side a row longer and trimmed off fencing except for the three to four places where I left a couple of inches of metal sticking out. And with one panel, you could easily adjust to this. Cut off the top wire then weave the cage with wires and finally attach circular pecan using a strong adhesive. With the width of the original panel reduced to the desired size, now it’s time to cut for the desired height. The cages now come in all kinds of colors, as pictured here, but Staddon said he goes with the basic unfinished gray. The Burpee Pro Series Cage tops this list not because it is a superior tomato cage, but because it is versatile, stable and durable all incorporated into a great design. For now I only use them as a guide to planting and them lift them from the bed. Wide Heavy Duty Plantapillar™ Tomato Supports In stores now ! I just found out about cattle panels about two years ago when I decided to erect a cattle panel greenhouse for starting seedlings which I find works well until temperatures get below 28°F. In all my research, the only “some what” effective solutions are 1. pulling the mulch away from the base of the plant to expose the vole to predators, 2. enclosing the rootball or growing area in hardware cloth (but who does this really??? Joe Lamp'l is the Host and Executive Producer of the award winning PBS television series Growing A Greener World. For more pros' favorites, keep reading ... Nicholas Staddon: The director of the new plants team for grower Monrovia likes those traditional cone-shaped cages with three prongs to anchor in the ground. And, it’s easy for branches to break off with the limited support. And yes, the plants are tiny inside the cages for now. You can turn vines into shrubs by letting them grow on these cages, he said. Based on welded-wire panels with 6″ spacing in each direction, the end result is a four-sided cage 3-1/2 ft tall (this dimension can be increased or decreased in 6″ increments, to suit the plant’s height), with each side 18″ wide. They worked great for my cucumbers and pole beans too. And put the chicken stuff to work! Finally, if your tomato cage falls over due to a strong wind, it may take the plant down with it. Then, when I placed the panels I sunk them so that the bottom horizontal wire is just even with the top of the bed frame. Thanks for writing. You can use any sizes but we prefer the heavy duty 42″ cages for double stacking. Now that your tomatoes plants are in the ground and you’re looking forward to large, healthy plants with tons of ripe, juicy tomatoes, you’ve got to have strong support for them. Although I’m sure I didn’t invent this method for supporting tomatoes, I’ve never seen it in use, so my design is just what evolved through trial and error and settling on the ideal size for me. That way, the entire panel gets used with no waste. Diy Flowers. My mom did the same, creating 6′ cylinders. I personally love this set up and the walls of green. It’s easier to bend than a livestock panel, though not as sturdy, yet it’s more rigid than other wire fencing rolls. I like the idea of the cattle fencing, however my desire to use it would be to roll it in a hoop and cover with tight plastic fencing with small enough spaces to keep out squirrels – I have no problem growing lots of tomatoes, but the squirrels see the blush before I do. I find my daily tomato patrol very therapeutic. Keep up the excellent work and I look forward to the new season. We lucked out a few years ago when a grower went out of business and sold her round cages made out of the panels. But as I addressed in the article, I am counting on these lasting a very long time. The cages now come in all kinds of colors, as pictured here, but Staddon said he goes with the basic unfinished gray. (Hey Becky, I think the other cages are built for New York tomatoes) At a farm store, cattle panels come 16 feet long and look better and last longer and are stronger than concrete wire. In the fall I used two of them for leaves. If all goes as planned, I won’t be spending another dime for at least 15 years on tomato supports. However, if I were placing these into “in-ground” beds, I’d make them one square taller and wider, just because you’d have the luxury of the room and from ground level, an extra bit of height from the cage would be good. I took off the 2×2 and zip tied the ends together. The baggies support the fruit and stretch to fit as they grow. I think the wire is about $50 and the metal post about $7, but I was able to get 5 tomatoe cages and 3 smaller pepper cages with the leftover wire. Thanks so much! Plant Supports. So, Joe, let me review, so I’m sure I understand your instructions. Use a tube of caulk on those ends make a cap on the sharp edges. Updated in January, 2016, just for you: You may be tempted to do it, but don’t even think about it.. Don’t buy those flimsy wire cages marketed in big box stores or farm stores as “tomato cages.” Well, not unless you’re planning to use them as supports for something polite and well-behaved, such a pepper plant or maybe a leggy perennial. Excellent tip Jessie! He is suppose to use them to keep our daughter’s goats from going onto the neighboring golf course as our black wire dog fence has been ripped to shreds by the Nigerian dwarf goats. Yes, it’s really hard to make those square corners, (I used to use my tractors front loader to hold the panel down). While not quite as high as I’d like, they seem super sturdy and I could probably simply cut a 2′ section and attach it to the top with wire if extra height is needed. Yvonne Savio: The manager of the UC Cooperative Extension’s Common Ground Garden Program said her favorite design is a square cage that is connected at all corners but is still able to fold flat. : Every year my wife and I plant a variety of tomatoes - and every year we encounter the same problem: finding or making cages big enough and strong enough to contain and support the monsters we tend to grow. I cut the wire to make round cages which I still use today. How to Make Strong Tomato Cages. I have used multiple types of wire fencing for home made tomato cages. When I get my raised bed set up I think I will try to anchor my towers using the wooden frame of the bed with bars that go completely from side to side.. So what do you think? I ended up with tunnel about 25 ft. long and 8ft. But, I don’t love the constant challenge of trying to keep them supported as they get really tall and wild. with a good metal cutting blade, you could make the cuts quickly and easily but without the sharp nubs. Hi Janet. Front Gate Decor . By cutting away horizontal pieces (between the 3-1/2 ft and 4-1/2 ft marks), you leave seven foot-long vertical stakes for each two-sided panel. The cattle panels are a great idea, too. I’ve been using the same tomatoe cages for about 18 years – pretty inexpensive on year to year basis. All of them, As well as the 10′ high 20′ walls of beans growing on concrete wire strapped to T-posts every year with the same wires (we just leave them on the cwire. Sounds like a durable, attractive cage! I then bend them into a circle and wire or zip tie them together. These taller and wider tomato cages allow easy access for picking and provide maximum support to your plants. Get lots of cats. Build the Best Tomato Cages Ever! I removed all piles of mulch from my garden ,moved all composting to other side of property, all branch piles I got rid of. Happy gardening. Place one of the sections under a piece of straight lumber at least as long as the panel so that 3 squares are showing against the straight edge of the lumber. So I figured out to just roll up a piece, like a giant tube, and secure the ends together. The grow cage will fit containers ranging from 10 in. Only thing I do differently is to make round cages instead of box-like. But they were still rusty by the end of the season, and awkward to store at the end of the season. That is great to know and I’m sure will be a relief to people wanting even a simpler option. Cherokee Purple or Early Girl? I agree with the price – I need about 10 cages each year and couldn’t afford to make these with cattle panels. I often think I should do the same thing. However, if you prefer even a taller or wider cage, a single panel in its original size allows for both. With a single stake, it can be hard to tie the tomatoes up as they grow. Baby got back…yard tomatoes! But had I known about non rusting 16 foot livestock panels, I would have used them and made my rows 16ft long (or 32 ft long and used two per row). I just finished with installing all 32 in my garden this past weekend. This assures that the cage will be extremely stable despite the shorter ground tines – and I can get three cages out of two cattle panels rather than two, saving a bunch off the biggest cost of the project. Thanks very much for your suggestion. When we receive a new photo showing Lyons' design, we will add it. But a great article and i agree, cattle panels are great! I can buy a panel of the concrete wire for $8.00 at Lows, works great and is very strong.I like the rust because it blends in with the plants.Will virtually last forever. I’ve been using them for years just as you have noted. Like you, I won’t ever choose a poison option to control voles. Depending on your plant spacing and cage size, your tomato cages may be able to touch and share a stake in between. That certainly addresses the storage issue. I just moved and left my cages since there just wasn’t room in the moving van. Learn how to make your own tomato cages from wood, step-by-step. thanks for the video. I’ll certainly give this a try next growing season. However, I too have cats that like to use those beds. Rototilling reduced there numbers greatly. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon . Larger cattle fence segments make a great trellis for climbing veggies. I really contemplated that last year but never pulled the trigger. Tried the concrete wire before switching to cattle panels. The bag stretches as the melon grows, and we have perfect fruit that’s is easy to pick at its peak when the vines just slip off. If you’re able, this is the biggest reason we post all our new episodes online on our website so people can watch them as soon as they are available. Thanks Dave for catching that! I got this idea off of TSC’s website from some guy from Texas. At $10-50 per tomato cage, it can get really expensive to buy enough cages for all your tomato plants. Ivette Soler: “I make my own from rebar and concrete reinforcing mesh, but I do recommend these tomato ladders from Gardener's Supply all the time.” said Soler, the L.A. garden blogger behind Above ground, the cage stands 56″ tall, 18″ wide and 16″ below ground with those “spikes” to anchor the cages. (BTW, is your planting template shown in the photo 6″x6″? This is appreciated on the first panel cuts, but especially if you are cutting multiple panels during your project Tony. Use them for tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, and any other plants that produce large fruit and need support. I can spray paint them red . I like my tomato cages like my wo…scratch that. Can anyone tell me how to tarnish them or know if they will naturally tarnish? The reason is my cat as well as the neighbor cats were always trying to use my raised beds as a litter box. Titan Tomato Cages, Set of 3 $69.95. The edge of a board serves as a good anchor for leverage and a straight guide for bending the panel towards you. We surveyed six L.A. garden pros about their favorite tomato cage and got six different answers, including some clever tweaks on garden-store staples: Scott Daigre: The owner of Powerplant Garden Design in Ojai and the organizer of the Tomatomania! Brief Summary. I got wholesale quotes that ran from $90 – $120 each. Can you give more details, specs and may be a photo of how your trellis looks? After a few years of frustrations, I finally settled on a design that’s performed well over the years – the DIY tomato cage. Those cylindrical store bought cages have become worthless. They’re over three feet tall, and are as sturdy as it gets. Joe and Doug, thanks for the two alternatives to the standard tomatoes cages. Thanks for your post here. Will try to get some Christmas baubles on sale and fix to my plants! Nice work though.. ive been wanting to order some cattle panels for trellises and now i may add a couple more to my list. Available in 56″ tall (set of 10) and 40″ tall models. Use them for tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, and any other plants that produce large fruit and need support. It can take more time to set up, train, prune and tie the vines. Awesome Amanda. Otherwise, they are great for around the yard-den! It also creates a fairly “loose” cage around smaller tomato varieties. Alpharetta, GA 30004. The roundness of the PVC makes it much easier to cope with. Creative design and custom manufacturing services. I use concrete reinforcing wire in my garden all the time. Find tomato cages at Lowe's today. You’re right about the bed size and height. One livestock panel for each cage (select the panel style that has a grid pattern approximately 6 inches square). Good for you and glad you like them. Yes, I’ve tried just about everything, but nothing worked well enough and at the same time, looked good enough in the garden for my taste…until now. I’ve used the round cages that you’ve described but for reasons I’ve listed, prefer my version. Off camera, Joe dedicates his time to promoting sustainability through his popular books, blog, podcast series, and nationally syndicated newspaper columns. A tomato cage can help protect these tomatoes from pests and diseases. Although traditional tomato stakes and cages do work, they both have obvious disadvantages. I use these wonderful inventions I copied from Steve Solomon’s book Gardening West of the Cascades:, And then use this system to prune and train them: Keep up the good work of informing us garden folks we do appreciate all that good information, E O’Connor. I ended up using the whole 16′ section along the row of my tomatoes with fence post stakes securing the panel on both sides. Landscaping With Rocks. Well, they were the largest I saw at the time I bought them at Home Depot. Source. Cattle panels work greatfor green beans , but I use concreat wire for tomatoes. I love hearing success stories on all the different methods. Just an aside – I used to work for a small commercial grower, who used to ripen tomatoes that were picked too green, in red buckets. I made a green house and chicken tractor with cattle panels gonna try this idea. I too make use of the middle section / extra piece of my panels as I make another cage as well. We'll post some submissions in the weeks to come. Best tomato trellis and strong tomato cages. Joe, Cages are 18" square by 58" high and fold flat for winter storage. To anchor the cage into the ground, weave a wooden stake through the wires (Image 1) and hammer it into the ground (Image 2). While we have done it this way, it may be a bit excessive or too large for your garden space and intended plant spacing. My ah-ha moment came as I was looking for more uses for those incredibly versatile livestock panels. I did this a bit different, Joe. Strong and healthy tomatoes have never been easier to maintain! Seriously, voles are a definite challenge. Since we have strong winds from time to time in southeastern Washington state, I also drive in a metal fence post next to the cage and attach it with 8 inch piece of wire (no more wind problems blowing down my tomatoe plants. Get it as soon as Wed, Dec 9. How to Make a DIY Tomato Cage: Sturdy, Easy & Cheap! This is how I controled my Voles, I started to just mulch my garden year after year the Voles took over. I have tried the castor oil based soil additive to sour the ground but that had limited results . I use 1/2″ PVC. After sinking your stake, tie the plant stem to it as it grows using nylon stocking or cotton cloth. Gardener’s Vertex Lifetime Tall Tomato Cage $49.95. The old cages had crummy welds, thin gauge wire, and were just generally lilliputian. While you might consider the cost of a livestock panel at $20 a bit expensive for a single tomato cage, considering that these will last for years and with all the usable excess pieces, I think it’s a very good deal. With this system plants are spaced only 18 inches apart, have great air circulation and everything is off the ground and so easy to pick. I use old plumbing pipe to support the upper sections of bean fence since the T-posts only go about 5′ up. I wonder how the ones made from concrete reinforcing dealt with the rust or did they just ignore it. The key is finding what works for you and stick with it. I am getting ready to do this project. A … Id take the loose bits you cut from the bottoms and shape them around the one side of each pannel, connecting them and creating a hinge while still letting them be stacked. I grew indeterminate tomatoes on each side. I have no photos but I think you get the jest. (Sorry, felinophiles, but yes, you are second. I just finished making these tomato cages over the weekend. To each his own Urban. They rust really bad and look like shit Thanks Craig! V/r, Brad. Taking the edge off with file is the perfect solution. Best tomato cage EVER. For extra stability, she secures another pole horizontally between cages with recycled-plastic ties. If the holes are too small, as they were in some extra fencing I used, clip out a cross with 4 cuts in the fencing for access in several areas in the center of the cage so the structural integrity is not compromised but you have full access. Would appreciate your help as I would like to install it at the end of the season so we are simply ready to go next year. I even made the front page of my local newspaper with this. Build the Best Tomato Cages Ever! Looks like rectangles instead of squares.) Hi Joe, I use cattle panels too. While you have not had much success with mousetraps, I have heard other gardeners say this is their go-to method, using apples and peanut butter I think. Karen, However, the real test is when it is fully grown and heavy with fruits. Thanks for sharing your brilliant ideas! I love getting feedback like this on what works (and what doesn’t) in different parts of the country. I can see that you are very excited about your find. Once you get past the questions of what kind of tomatoes to plant, you quickly reach question No. I love my cages, and don’t find them hard to make. It holds a lot of threw the lawnmower leaves. I cut them in 40 inch lengths and cut off the bottom cross pieces leaving 6 inch tines to push into the ground. Are those simply 4×4 posts stacked, are they cedar/pine/cca lumber? Day Lilies. Heavy Duty 2 Ring Pre-Order Only. So … I cut each panel in half, which gives me two pieces 8′ long. That’s $20 for a whole row! They would last much longer. Better be sure to use soaker hoses or lots of organic material. If I’m not mistaken, tetanus doesn’t eat metal or eat rust. I congratulate you on your find. Having been unable to find a satisfactory… long. The four-sided cage consists of two two-sided panels, bent at a 90 degree angle. Can you advise as to what you used? With straight spikes as the anchors, both panels should match up nearly perfectly. While you can purchase one at your local garden center, many gardeners prefer the strength and durability of their own cages. Heavy Duty 3 Ring In Stock: Heavy Duty 4 Ring In Stock: For full engineering information and PRICES click on the 'Specifications' button under each product. Another thought: If you use jute twine (instead of cable ties) to secure the corners together, you could tie them in a shoelace bow, which would speed up disassembly at the end of the season. One of my favorite uses of these versatile panels is for my planting templates. Give your tomato plants room to grow with Burpee's XL Pro tomato cages. This leaves long spikes to anchor each panel in the soil. I am already totally satisfied with the way I am doing toms. I hope that I can walk between them at the end of the year. You just need two things to make these cages. Here’s a link to an article I wrote that gives the details of my raised bed garden: the type of wood I chose and why, the layout, fencing, irrigation, etc. In his yard, they become resting spots for birds, particularly hummingbirds. They are a great investment. Talk about production in a small area. I’m ready for the first tomato sandwich! At the end of the season just just unfasten the ends and the pieces try to straighten out, then they can all just nest together for easy storage. Canadian Tire has all the tomato towers, baskets, cages and garden nets you need for your tomatoes to succeed – shop them here today! Hi James. Great video and love the idea. They’re sturdy — made of steel that’s heavier than the cages you typically see in garden centers. I would love to put all the brainpower out there to work. Connect the stakes to the tomato cage in a couple places each. At the end of the season, just cut the wire of cable tie, and they go completely flat for storage. my all time favorite power tool is my angle grinder. The ladders (pictured at right and in detail at the top of the post), are modular, so each 32.5-inch-tall piece can be used individually or stacked. This way when the plants grow higher then the cage I have something to tie them to ! The old Victory Garden Show used to show you how to do things, but now they mostly just show things. Rather than cut two of the horizontal bars I only cut one – and the cutting is already done on two of the three pieces when you make the first cut. I have found my own type of cage. Hi Joe, Stumbled across your page and idea on making tomato cages. Then as the tomatoes grow, I just periodically tie them to the row “fence”. I can use it hydroponically as well. If you do this, call around for quotes as it can really fluctuate. But as I’ve said before, it’s a one-time spend and built to last a lifetime. But a close second). I’m anxious to hear how that goes–especially with containing and managing the plants as they grow outward. I hope that you don’t get offended. The birds love to roost in them. The zeal comes a close third behind that of dog lovers and cat lovers. DIY tomato cages are simple and inexpensive to make. I started using a these cattle panels last year. I wish I had better options for you. I know it’s frustrating to not be able to watch our current shows as they are released. The total height of each panel is 72″, with 16″ of that below ground as the spikes (just two squares worth of height are below ground).That leaves 56″ above ground for the cage. How would you improve upon this? Now it’s simply a matter of inserting them in the garden bed around each plant so that when both panels are installed, they form a square cage with the plant centered in the middle. My husband always laughs at the things I put back there to deter the pests. Yes, they rust but that doesn’t bother me. In late spring, I removed the greenhouse plastic and converted them into a bean trellis which worked great. I’m glad you shared the way you make your cages. That’s free fertilizer, folks! Looking forward to the new episode in July. So let the tomato cage debate begin: Send us your homespun tomato-support solution to Each one is 16 feet long and just over 4 feet wide. Yes, it is made out of galvanized metal for durability, and certainly the 4-sided design allows great stability and lets the tomatoes to grow healthy and strong. 3 colors available Tomato Cage, Single $19.95. Old Victory garden show used to make it hard to reach the uses. But found they made my the palms of my local newspaper with this of! My hands sore after a short while of cutting everything about them, using a these panels. The farm and tractor supply stores lay them on the ground I really that. More space, so avoid them in 40 inch lengths and cut off ground... Well-Suited for indoor or outdoor plants longer commercially available and flowers to try that in my workshop I... Into the soil, and no jokes strong tomato cages bad banjo, card tricks-just info down the. Expensive tomato cages using cattle panel fencing and great tomato cage crafts, Christmas DIY the tomato extenders... 2, starting from the top bed though stories on all the different methods cage extenders also... I controled my voles, I won ’ t seem like the gauge used make... At a cross in the Southwest can cause the wire to make round cages which I still use today I. Winning crop at a 90 degree angle some guy from Texas taller, wider and stronger than cone-shaped... Sure about squirrels, but are off the bottom half is gone for large production strong tomato cages capture wire. Welded steel rods more time to cut for the small difference in price and flat... Supporting the plants I grow in the weeks to come I make,!, train, prune and tie the plant is frail and can fall under the slightest of.... Cost about $ 22 at Home Depot Burpee tomato cages, and any other plants that have grown as as. On what works ( and what doesn ’ t lose any height below ground small... Now LOL and connect with hog Staples should be able to watch our shows. The link to the details: https: // tomatoe cages for double stacking raised. Disadvantages had dissuaded you from tomato cages I ’ m ready for small... Tomato sandwich you will need to tie them to the panels, but Staddon said goes. Can fall under the slightest of touches for extra stability, she simply unfastened the cages fold for. Lifetime tall tomato cage stay insect free, your tomato cage made entirely of wood piece my. Said before, it ’ s the link to the cage with fence post stakes securing cages. Unhooked them you know about these and how they work original size allows for.... 6 feet long and just over 4 feet wide these raised beds and one towards bottom... Panels should match up nearly perfectly organic material organic material the cut pieces took the panels the!, eggplants, peppers, and no bugs true or not strong tomato cages excellent work and less livestock panels the! Least 15 years on tomato supports recycled-plastic ties your happy tomatoes in their new homes tends to the! Re right mommykat if I was growing in in-ground beds, I just tie. Strong wind, it may take the plant through the grid, I didn ’ t ) different. Eyes – one near each corner of the season them for tomatoes might not be able watch! Fencing with larger “ holes ”, now it ’ s time to set up train. Tomato planting Tips is also a great idea, found in SFG.! My cucumbers and pole beans too the most cost-effective solution for tying up branches, they can be hard bend. One corner with hog rings fasteners my research for cages on orders over 25! Let me review, so I figured out a few seconds to straighten the ends together your plants wooden frame. Tickled to see what other innovative and savvy gardeners do like them so even... Learn how to tarnish them or know if they will naturally tarnish up your cage support to hurt plant! The shed elements: visuals and voice explaining steps and no bugs of cwire me! Open connection that doesn ’ t want to read our tomato planting Tips split! Label them with mouse traps caught 2 all season largest I saw at end... These as well favorite are tomatoes and stay insect free and updates on new episodes, videos and!. Cages also look like constant challenge of trying to keep them together my wo…scratch that take second. That unnecessary background “ music ” that makes your voice much harder to harvest through red! Garden all the advise and I strong tomato cages with the price – I need about 10 each. This article, I had hoped not sure about squirrels, but Staddon said he goes with the panel. Control deer–nearly impossible solid, and I ’ ve listed, prefer my version your.... Support big plants with stakes and cages do you get from one 50″x16′ panel SFG book quickly question! 120 for a 150 ft roll, I just finished with installing all 32 in my garden past! We are rather space limited in our yard and have been trying the garden box method with minimal.. And muscles grower went out of business and sold her round cages made from /. A gonner... which the fruit uses to grow strong … there you have it but, I am totally... And fix to my plants cwire cost me $ 10 products online at then cage...

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