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council owned trees causing damage

We need these types of evidence as part of your application: Tree roots may enter an already damaged drain and cause a blockage. If you believe a publicly-owned tree is causing damage to your property: contact your insurer for an independent expert’s report; for a compensation claim to be successful, you must provide evidence of the cause of the alleged damage; Reporting problems with trees. Policy: We do not prune or remove a council owned tree to stop the nuisance of overhanging branches. Causing any other problem in an area where we manage trees, make a complaint, compliment or comment on trees in the borough. As well as meeting our legal obligations we also endeavour to be a “good neighbour” and strive to provide high quality trees that enhance the district and don’t unreasonably inconvenience or distress people who live near them. If you think a tree is damaging your property, the first thing to do is contact your home insurance company for advice. Local councils and State Government have a duty to ensure trees that are on public land, including along footpaths and in parks, are safe. If an overgrown tree or hedge causes damage to your property, the owner may be liable for prosecution. The Council will not fell Council owned trees solely for the reason that they are causing interference with television and satellite reception. Council Owned Tree and Woodland Management Policy, Search for building regulations applications, upgrade to a newer, more secure web browser, change the security settings in your current web browser, the age of the property and any extensions, details of any historical defect monitoring, details of soil type and composition to a depth of approximately 3m, evidence of tree root presence below foundation level, evidence that any roots found belong to the suspected trees, measurement of subsoil shrinkage potential at and below foundation level, a plan showing accurate locations of relevant site features including buildings, drains and trees on, or adjacent to, the site, a plan showing the borehole sampling locations, crack and/or level monitoring data taken throughout the year, to show any seasonal change. Report damage caused by trees owned by the council to: Separate guidance is available for trees on private land. The best solution is usually to repair the drain rather than fell the tree. 6 to underground services with evidence of the damage.Trees causing trip hazards Allegations of a trip hazard will be considered on a case by case basis. The Law on High Hedges, Trees and Overhanging Branches Garden related issues can be incredibly infuriating for neighbours and cause a great deal of tension. Tel: 01785 619 000 council’s Claims and Insurance Team where they believe that a specific tree is causing damage to their property. Why are trees so important? Unfortunately, this has had a knock-on effect of reducing the number of street trees pruned, and delayed pre-scheduled and proactive work by about a year. Unfortunately, residents have no legal right to light blocked by trees. If you believe that a tree on council owned land is diseased that it is unsafe, please report this to us. Contact the Forestry Commission to find out if you need a license and obtain an application form. The owner of a tree owes a duty of care to all third parties and is at all times liable for any nuisance or damage the tree causes. Trees add structure and drama to a garden but their size and potential to cause nuisance or damage means they can sometimes be a worry. This means we cannot do anything about a tree which blocks your view or shades your garden. tree web form. ST16 3 AQ Tree owners should be prepared to manage trees The best solution will usually be to repair the drain rather than fell the tree. A Council owned tree overhangs my property. Trees that obstruct or overhang the public highway or a public right of way. You do not need the owner's permission, but you must not trespass onto their land. There was a couple that had an old tree in their own garden that was causing damage to their property which had a preservation order on it. The Council will carry out any pruning work to Council owned trees as necessary to: Prevent damage or obstruction to street lights, road signs and power and telephone cables or poles in their designated use. They will investigate and produce evidence which either blames a tree or identifies other causes. Trees obscuring traffic sight lines, access, CCTV, signage and street-lighting. Landscaping alongside the garden has damaged mesh fencing which allows dogs to escape. In law there is no legal obligation for a tree owner, private or public, to prune trees in order to prevent branches spreading over a boundary, unless structural damage is caused. By continuing without changing your cookie settings we'll assume that you're happy to receive all cookies on kirklees.gov.uk, but you can still change your cookie settings at any time. 2.16 Encroachment of branches or tree roots is the most common cause of tree-related impacts on neighbouring property that are reported in cases brought before a court. The council was cooperative throughout and there was no evidence that it was in possession of information which made a possible risk of damage a real risk that the trees had caused or would cause damage to the property. Trees causing a legal nuisance to an adjoining property. The Council has no legal obligation to prune overhanging trees unless they are causing direct damage to an adjacent property or are dangerous. If you think it is causing damage to any of your property other than your building, such as a boundary fence or wall, email us. The key information the Council will normally require to decide the most appropriate course of action is taking into account: Your home insurer would usually arrange this but if not you should employ a suitably qualified and experienced building surveyor or a structural engineer who will carry them out for you. The council are unable to intervene in such problems until you have directly discussed your concerns with the neighbour.

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