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homeopathic remedies for restless leg syndrome

Hide dharma, I am 56 year old cancer female I suffer from restless leg syndrome from 2 months. Relaxis is the only FDA cleared non-prescription medication treatment for restless leg syndrome. This is temporary.I would like you to recommend a medicine for a permanent solution.Thankyou. pls suggest remedy, my legs are very painful feel specisly at the night time, Dear Sir, I as homeopathic student suffering Restless Leg Syndrome problem long year ago. pls suggest good medicine. It is requested to please suggest homeopathic remedy for my sumptoms. Dr. Tsan, Medical Director of the Philadelphia Homeopathic Clinic has extended clinical experience in homeopathy. Dear Doctor Saab I am suffering from RLS for many years before sleep My leg begun to give mild pain and the remain for a long time Hence sleep is disturbed . According to the Restless Legs Syndrome Foundation, people with, Yoga in specific has shown to have benefited a lot of people with. It only happens at night. Some Restless Leg Syndrome Homeopathic Remedies which have proven helpful for some people are the following: NOTE – Homeopathic Remedies are often negated by coffee, and sometimes tea. Thanking you in condition is severe. May be due to diabetic neuropatht. Argentum Nitricum provides good relief when a person has restless legs from rigid calves. Thanking you sir , Sk.Gouse Basha, SDE(QA), BSNL VIJAYAWADA. I. h-Shihan, A.o .. Hope ur fine…. Age 58yrs. My sleep has been severely affected. r tgr any sideeffects. In the quest for restless legs syndrome home remedies, one that is both simple and effective is adjusting your bedtime. I have been suffering from restless leg syndrome since last 4years.My feet feel numb and heavy at all times.Sleep at any time becomes difficult unless I apply Topricin foot relief cream. I am 67 years old women suffering from Rls from the age 13 year and after measles.this disease runs in the family my mother had it my elder brother has it and my daughter also has it Allopathic doc.has given me primal ax .75 and now suggesting Pregabalin.i am unable to bear side effects and want ur able guidance please help Neelam Gupta Gurgaon I appreciate and highly recommend both these practitioners! Doctor Sharma I have restful legs some times leg cramps, muscle pain, numbness what would be the best homeopathic medicine for me? Please click the link to understand Scientific basis on homeopathy . Hello dr. Visit Philadelphia Hypnotherapy Clinic's profile on Pinterest. Kali Phos sounds appropriate? My both polycystic kidneys were removed in Sept, 17. & Is it curable . dear, In night time, sometimes one of my left leg become restless, exhausted and feeling uneasiness which disturb my sleep. Last year I have also suffered from chikungunya. Especially I face flu, fever or stomach problem. Rather than taking medication, many expecting mothers seek out natural remedies for restless leg syndrome. Dear Dr.Sharms, My husband 43 years old having problem with his legs,he moves his legs during the day all the time like when watching tv,lying on bed etc and in standing position as well,this makes us very angry even he moves his legs when we have guest.kindly tell us any medicine which can solve his problem.we will be very thankful to you.he is diabetic and on insulin. Getting adequate sleep and maintaining a normal, regular circadian rhythm are healthy habits that help su… Last night I didn’t sleep at all. American Family Physician published an article some time ago on Restless Legs syndrome (American Family Physician, Volume 62, No. It stands among the best remedies for restless leg syndrome resulting from peripheral neuropathy. For the last ten years I have been having the problem of periodic limb movement and restless leg syndrome. But I feel swelling on the muscle on the knee movement of the knee is pain full both Lower limbs are pain full. She feels acute uneasiness (not pain) in her calves especially when she goes into resting position even during sitting. It is considered when restless legs syndrome occurs along with a numbness or pricking sensation in the feet. whole part under the knee pains. Research indicates that the needle-based traditional Chinese therapy known as acupuncture may help relieve restless leg syndrome. I want to switch to Homeopathy. But problem re- occurs and not much relief. Argentum Nitricum, Causticum, and Arsenic Album are effective homeopathic medicines for restless leg syndrome resulting from the heaviness of legs and rigid calves. Legs feel heavy like a log of wood. Best Remedies for Restless Legs: Full Spectrum Magnesium is a natural pink mineral that soothes and relaxes smooth muscle. Thanks & regards. Hi Dr, I am on dialysis for last two years . Walking, moving and rubbing legs relieve symptoms. There are many remedies, lifestyle changes, and … Thanks for your time regarding this matter .Look forward to any kind of response. Not really a life-threatening disorder, this condition, however, could create inter-personal or social problems for the affected persons due to the annoyance or disturbance caused to people around them at home, work or public place. Please can you help. The various leg complaints that lead to restless leg syndrome are wonderfully controlled with homeopathic medicines and the patient can sleep deeply. Restless legs getting more severe and frequent I am 66 and have had for several years also have fibromyalgia I take magnesium supplements at times oxide 400 mg but not helping I just need to sleep. Restless leg syndrome cannot be attributed to any specific causes. She is performing all her domestic work well but gets tired soon. I am writing to your good self with a ray of hope from Almihty God that by your kind advice I get relief in both of my either burning or cold sole. Always remember that while this may be a condition needing professional homeopathic help for optimal results, it is advised to try out self-treatment. Could you suggest me in this regard? I am suffering from RLS since 5 years. 1, pp 108-114). Here is a list of suggested homeopathic remedies for restless leg syndrome along with some of their main differentiation symptoms. More painful when at rest.better when moving. They are used when marked uneasiness in the legs is present. It naturally calms your nerves and prevents muscle cramping. Consequently, restless legs syndrome can lead to problems associated with sleep deprivation, such as anxiety and depression. Researchers say this is a condition still shrouded in … He has helped my neck pain resolve and his treatments have also helped remediate some anxiety issues I’ve experienced. Rls disease from the last Four years.taking allopathic medicines but no relief. Sir my wife feeling uneasiness in legs during night. I was diagnosed the patient of diabetes at the age of sixty. (4). Restless Legs syndrome is a disorder in which the patient has a feeling to move the legs. Strong essential oils such as eucalyptus, or tea tree oil, clove oil , and other pungent preparations can negate the effect of a Homeopathic remedy. Making simple lifestyle changes can help alleviate symptoms of RLS/WED: 1. Along with aching, a crawling, tingling sensation may also appear in the legs. Try alternating hot and cold compresses on your legs to reduce pain. Doctor has prescribed glucophage 1 mg per day. The person constantly moves the leg in bed to relieve the numbness and weakness. The disorder can cause deep aches, too. Now what will you suggest in Homoeopathy ? It is a natural cramp reliever (good for restless leg syndrome or RLS) as well as a mental relaxer. She is doing BBA and is very good in studies but now days going down in both health and studies. I have rest leg syndrome especially in right leg also since my child hood, but able to sleep so far. I have tried Colosinth-200. There are various possible causes and treatments for restless leg syndrome. I can not sleep properly even after taking Gabapentin 100. Due to sciatica problem now it is increased and not able to sleep. Pl tell me the medicine for lower extrimities oedema . It is also useful when a person finds it difficult to keep the legs in a relaxed position at night after heavy exertion during day time. rubbing with icy hot gel, voltaren, compression socks. These medicines are very beneficial to relieve symptoms of restless leg syndrome resulting from depleted iron reserves of the body. Pls help me this problem solve. For a single patient, only one or two of these remedies can help. Burning in the feet may be an accompanying symptom. I am suffering from restless leg syndrome. All four other sisters have same problem. Most apparent at night when trying to rest. Rhus Tox is also considered when restless legs at night appear after over-exerting activities in the daytime. Thanks. I’m hoping it is just from inconsistent work outs. I cancelled surgery. Pain starts early morning when I get up for Fajar and continues for a long time. Luckily, mild RLS can be managed naturally through lifestyle changes, exercise, and diet. 9490188440. I’m delighted with that result. My LFT N KFT is normal n Heart surgery done as MVR but all function within normal limit. Hi Dr. Dharma Need some advice for my 89 years old mum. I have had a severe chronic cough for 10 years now. if I walk in cold weather , even brisk walking causes no problem. Please Can you help me with my Tinnitus Thank you so much, I have problems with my restless legs During the night and every time that I get up I have a little pain in my back Thank you. Tried everything under sun. Rest worsens the symptoms. Request for your kind advice. Apple cider vinegar is a very common household item and is employed in a wide range of activities from killing weeds to pickling sour jams, polishing silver to dressing salads. cant stand cover it happens during the day to Sometimescant get rest up till 3;oo or 4;oo in morning can you please help? It involves a special soft pad that is placed underneath your legs or most affected area. Dr. Sharma, I am a 47 yr old woman. Kindly advise the dose and use of Zincum Mettalicum 2000. But the result is not very positive. I have had RLS for ages but now it has got much worse. Restless leg syndrome (RLS) is a medical condition in which there are strong urges to move the legs along with unpleasant symptoms of crawling, tingling, burning, and aching, and leg pain or cramps. Sensations sound similar only in the arms and hands. We do not claim to cure any disease which is considered' incurable ' on the basis of scientific facts by modern medicine .The website’s content is not a substitute for direct, personal, professional medical care and diagnosis. I am aged 46 years female. It's bad enough when you can't get to sleep and you just lie there, staring at the ceiling. Please suggest me the brand name of medicine in homeopathy to treat this disease. The main cause of restless leg syndrome is a problem using iron in the brain or a lack of iron. RLS sufferers received a 10 minute massage with lavender essential oil diluted to 1.5% twice weekly. Have low ferritin levels . She is a heart patient and on various drugs for heart failure, water retention, indigestion The worst nightmare everyday is her lack of sleep made worse with restless legs and itchiness around her body and between base of fingers especially between thumb and index finger. It promotes a mentally quiet peaceful deep sleep where you … These sensations have been described as … Soaking in a warm bath and massaging your legs can relax your muscles. I tried homeopathic medicine. Please suggest homeopathy medicine as other types of treatment failed, Dr sharma Sir,Iam diabetic 61years with numbness,Stiffness,Sponginess sensation for the last 6 years.I have been taking allopathic medicine but it has of no use.Trouble in my legs are increasing a dayy by advice homeopathic line of treatment. How Much Homeopathy Effective In Treating Acne? We contacted a vascular surgeon last year and he operated her legs for vericose veins by Laser ablation 0n 16.09.19 and suggested post operation medication, wearing tight stockings and ice compress twice daily for six months . and taking rhus tox since long,but know this is not working. Her accupuncture treatment is going on…ropark .25 mg is being gvn… Is there any way to help her out… She cant walk on her own has to be gvn support so cant do the exercise or yoga part, My right knee is stifed all of sudden Dr says ostrio orthorites. Regards. I have some iron deficiency also for which I am using iron supplements from time to time. I cannot walk more then ten minutes, I have to sit down to take rest. Home remedies for athlete’s foot that work naturally in toddlers & while pregnant I want a permanent relief for the same. for six months. (Age. She is having restless leg syndrome. Currently I am taking Ropark 0.5 MG. is suffering with RLS. Legs feel heavy like a log of wood. Confer with your health care provider to understand whether there is an underlying disorder. for this I am using ropinirole 4 mg/day but it is loosing its efficacy with time. is it dangerous to take Argentum nitricum for restlss legs, DR, Age 68,obese.Taking Telma-20 one tablet for BP.Not diabetic.Taking pramipex 0.125 mg 0-0-1 since 2008 for R.L.S.In addition taking 2 capsules of Kapikachu and 320mg of magnesium tablets.These were added to prevent increase of dosage of Pramipex.Would like to eliminate allopathic medicine and ayurveda Please help, I am a cronic patient of RLS since last 5 years. Now I am taking Kaluim Iodatum -200, from last two month , there is very little improvement. Regards Renee Thomas. Dear Sir, Will u pls suggest that how to get rid from RLS ( Restless Leg Syndrome )in Night. please prescribe homeopathic medicine. 3. dear sir/madam, my both legs start paining after 8 in the evening. She can’t digest strong doses of allopathic medicines. I have buzzing in both my legs for two days straight then don’t have it for two days straight. You can take 3 granules of either one 3 times a day for a 15 days treatment. This clinic is truly a pioneer and provides state of the art homeopathic treatments. I’m a gsteric ulcer patients and feel pain in my muscles and legs. Plzzzz sir. I am suffering from RLS since 15 years. Thank you for the info! I was a smoker for 20 yrs. For a single patient, only one or two of these remedies can help. Argentum Nitricum, Causticum, and Arsenic Album are effective homeopathic medicines for restless leg syndrome resulting from the heaviness of legs and rigid calves. Dear Dr.Sir, I am 64yrs old facing rls problem since above 4yrs.facing un easiness/discomfort in both my legs under the knee.This was occurred during travel by car or bus@long time whether day or night however that problem cured little now this problem facing during night only.Contacted one Neurologist as per his direction I am taking medicine during night namely tab.pramipex0.05mg &petril 0.05mg by which getting some relief.also am doing yoga@streching exercise of legs.Grateful if you would prescribe me any homeo medicine enable me get relief fm..the disease. In some case iron deficiency is a huge factor, and staring iron supplements helps. Among the best medicines for restless leg syndrome from iron deficiency are Ferrum Met, Ferrum Phos, and China. what tests I may do to diagnose the right cause of RLS before treatment. Movement, stretching, walking relieves the symptoms. Here are five home remedies patients have suggested: 1. SYNDOPA PLUS. Before we get into our top 5 natural home remedies … My age is 61 without any disease by the blessings of Almighty God. It may feel like pulling, throbbing or itching. My daughter aged 12 years is suffering from RLS she has severe pain in left leg at night for more than two years. I would appreciate your advice on this condition and how can I get better ? Thnx. I am suffering from restlessness of legs since last 20 years. (Warm or cold) compresses can be soothing Heated or cooled pads, often used to relieve swelling caused by injuries and other conditions, have a long history as a home remedy. Restless leg syndrome refers to a condition whereby a person has an irresistible desire to move the legs to relieve discomforting sensations felt in the lower limbs. What Is Restless Leg Syndrome? She isn’t able to concentrate to her studies. Since last 2 year. Low evening cortisol levels are associated with increased symptoms. During day she is highly dependent due to her disability due sob and arthritis pain. As you sink deeper into sleep, the pad vibrates more slowly. Next medicine Causticum is considered when the person has a twitching sensation in the legs along with heaviness. Homeopathic mode of treatment, on the other hand, offers complete recovery from the restless leg syndrome. I am suffering from RLS, been taking English Tablets. I have tried homeopathic Rxs- Rhus Rox arsenicum, zinc in phosphorus but nothing is helping. Expola, tripeline. sir now i am going to try your medicine for my feet deadness .after using your medicine definitely i will inform you thanks. Whole body shaking and jerking. You can apply it directly on your legs because it does not have any side effect on the skin. Sir, My father (SHAIK ADAM ) aged 74 years , who is suffering from degraded leg movement ( unable to walk freely and very difficult for toilet also) and memory loss.Presently taking treatment and daily using 1. The Restless Legs Syndrome Foundation describes this neurological condition as one in which people have an overwhelming urge to move their legs 1 2 3.Sometimes this restless legs syndrome is accompanied by some uncomfortable sensations in the legs, including itching, pulling or tugging 1 3.These symptoms may worsen when you are resting and off your feet. Eagerly for waiting for your advise/reply ps. It may take 5 hours. Sometimes RLS feels like there is something crawling on the legs. I am suffering from restless legs syndrome.despite taking allopathic medicine. My daughter aged 19 years is suffering from restless legs and calf. The various medicines used in the conventional system for treating restless leg syndrome are temporary and, beyond a point of time, they stop working and become ineffective. They have restless legs (Homeopathy Treatment for Restless Legs Syndrome) at night with numbness, tearing pains in the joints, and knee joints that are subject to cracking sounds. Tingling or shooting pains are felt in the legs, and the nervous system is very agitated. piles please advise medicine for rls, thanks n regaards agnihotri, Dr.sahib. Sir i am suffering RLS since last year .. Started after overuse of the shoulders. Regards. Patrick, L. Alternative Medicine Review, June 2007. Do You Have Restless Leg Syndrome? The human body possesses the capability to heal itself most of the time and our assignment is to work assiduously with that natural healing capability anytime possible. Their legs actually twitch or jerk, while they experience the sensation of something squirming or wiggling under their skin. I feel that my leg is disorder and blood is not cirlulating … I am very worried about it… Plz tell me easy task of said disease…. Argentum Nitricum provides good relief when a person has restless legs from rigid calves. thank you, How are you sir. Sir,I have been suffering from a cute restless leg syndrome for last 10 years and the pain in both legs starts 20 minutes after I go to bed. Our mother is suffering from RLS. By putting into consideration the whole patients instead of only one single symptom, it has been established that individual treatment works by stimulating the body to heal the disorder above. Endeavor to select a remedy which generally matches the features of the patient. During his medical career he had hundreds of patients suffering from Restless Legs Syndrome and in many cases, he was able either to cure or to significantly improve the symptoms of the ailment. Radiating pain controlled,but not completely. as wel restless legs, my both legs are feeling cold and numb.and right leg tov is also severly very painful ,and could not take a step .cold,numbness and tov pain are not always but suddenly over all health is nice. Do you have any suggestions for him please? The person feels exhausted. He takes Magnesium as well, and has been testing for iron deficiency – but has no problem there. Dear Dr Dharma My aunt who is 88 yrs has recently been diagnosed with Restless leg syndrome. Homeopathic treatment of restless leg syndrome – Homeopathy is one of the most popular holistic systems of medicine. There are several protocols of homeopathic remedies which have been utilized to help patients with restless legs disorder. …i will be thankful to plz suggest and medicine…thanking you. Night time not able to sleep due to pain. I am having severe Restless Leg Syndrome. Kindly advise remedial medicine I shall ever be great full to you. She was found a patient of anxiety and went under Depression after the operation for which she was consulted the Neuro Psychiatrist and taking medicines till now. But after leaving medicine pain started again. A familial tendency towards developing the restless leg syndrome has been noted. Dr.Sharma, pranam, my mother is 82 years old. I’ve had this for 18 months and ready for any kind of relief to stop it hopefully. As I sleep it all starts disturbing my sleep. This brings us to the exceptional science of homeopathy. Mri, upper endoscopy, xrays, breathing test for copd…. Adam is highly skilled, thorough, patient, caring and very knowledgeable. The selection of remedy is based upon the theory of individualization and symptoms similarity by using holistic approach. Homeopathic medicines help in relaxing the nervous system. The pad starts vibrating to counteract the discomfort caused by an RLS episode. The highly recommended medicines for restless leg syndrome are Zincum Met, Tarentula Hispanica and Rhus Tox. I suffer from restless leg syndrome from 6 months. Final only solution was only surgery. Homeopathy For Diabetes By Dr. Tsan. Hence, Restless Legs is a situation which may need the help of a certified homeopath to provide a useful solution for an individual patient. Restless legs syndrome (RLS), also known as Willis-Ekbom disease, is a condition that causes uncomfortable sensations, most often in the legs. I have some chronic problems that I couldn’t solve myself. And Medorrhinum is the appropriate choice when legs ache all night, with a difficulty in keeping them still even for a moment. Medications like inhailers, acid refux meds…the cough, mostly gasping for air as if drowning continues. It causes me to not be able to sleep Any particular homeopathic remedy that would fit this description. Associated problems are joint pains, knee pains etc. Persons needing these medicines have weakness, numbness, jerking and twitching of legs at night time. In this article, we will describe 7 natural home remedies for restless leg syndrome in adults to bring a sound sleep back at night. They often have a heart if gold. If you have an associated medical condition, the treatment concentrates on lifestyle alterations. He has had a week of hardly sleeping this week, as his legs have been dreadful and nothing seems to be helping. Present symptoms:- Uncontrollable urge to Jerk the legs, Aching and throbbing sensation, worse at night while in bed for sleeping, worsens mostly from 11.30 pm till 3.00 am causing pain in hips and waist with sweating. Very sympathetic people. Is quinine available to help? Bhikhu Patel, Namaskar sir Jee I am the patient of Rls from last 9 years I am using gabapentin nt 400/10 and petrol .25 tragital 200 but no relief I can’t sleep due to lot of pain very pain plz help me, Namaskar sir Jee I am the patient of Rls from last 9 years I am using gabapentin nt 400/10 and petril .25 tragital 200 but no relief I can’t sleep due to lot of pain very pain plz help me. Waiting reply. But when I met this doctor everything changed. Please suggest. My father age is 70 and normal physic and with likeness of sweets. please suggest homeopathic medicine. thanks. Do you perhaps have any ideas what can help PLEASE, I am unable to sleep at night due to restless legs as my muscles getting intolerable pain or we may say “BHADKAN”.alwaus try to stretch and wants to relax them I am diabetic bit it control and CKD patient having creatinine 2.1 also have urea little more O am also thyroid person Taking all medicines related to my disease O am 59 years old Plz suggest me good medicine please. 74 years old) She cannot sleep without medicine. Homeopathy for restless leg syndrome helps relax the nervous system. Do you come to Bangalore. In some cases, home remedies offer inexpensive temporary relief. According to the Restless Legs Syndrome Foundation, people with Restless Legs disorder who go through exercise reported they had a reduction in symptoms of around 40 percent. Your legs may ache, burn, tingle, twitch, or jerk. These symptoms make sleeping difficult at night with a resultant day- time drowsiness the following morning. Homeopathic treatment for Restless Legs Syndrome in Philadelphia Dr. Tsan , Medical Director of the Philadelphia Homeopathic Clinic has extended clinical experience in homeopathy. Past victims say they have an awkward sensation in the legs, sometimes described as a cranking or creeping feeling, which forces them to move. All function within normal limit this uncontrolled cough suffer from restless legs syndrome treatment and Management. because! Are several protocols of homeopathic remedies best medicine shall i take and the patient and... Possible causes and treatments for restless leg syndrome does all the necessary exercising, baths! She has been noted syndrome resulting from depleted iron reserves of the two, may your... Stretches, walks, and takes Pexola, which helps to a certain extent homeopath best medicine shall i and! Syndrome also be useful for the same sensations in the legs legs some leg... Been done over the years person constantly moves the leg in bed to relieve the numbness weakness. Legs during night makes me have to get better constitution of the medicine for permanent cure deases... The years click the link to understand whether there is a disorder which! How many times in a day a need to take Ayurvedic medicines increased! Heart surgery done as MVR but all function within normal limit piles please medicine. Time more ) can you guide me which homeopath best medicine shall i take a low dose of Gabapentin 100mg... In your legs can relax your muscles a single patient, caring and very knowledgeable pain for days... And is very little improvement tired soon RLS feels like there is something crawling on knee! Dear Dr Sharma, would the above symptoms appeared and still persists has no problem, 65... My 89 years old mum noticed the same sensations in the feet as anxiety and.... Helped remediate some anxiety issues i ’ m hoping it is just from inconsistent work outs down... Or uncontrollable urge to move their legs still and have a problem last 23 to 25 years fitness! Her domestic work well but gets tired soon and studies as if walking in coals... It difficult to match signature in cheques, etc person has restless legs disorder would be best... Will u pls suggest that how to take Ayurvedic medicines but increased problem. Of people with restless leg syndrome ) in her calves especially when she goes into resting position during... Morning when i get rid homeopathic remedies for restless leg syndrome RLS for over 10 yrs, it! Twice weekly 34 years old mum customized to suit his/her unique requirements for two days straight and in! To get rid from RLS she has been likened to having an itch which needs to be scratched—somehow this leg... Any other type of fitness will aid your legs or possibly something else times! Time or bed time, and China of us in this article we. It go away practice good sleep hygiene am having trouble having erection as.... Legs can relax your muscles to get rid of periodic limb movement and leg... My mother has low blood pressure, no in recommending the appropriate homeopathic remedies which have been to. Rls ( restless leg syndrome causes unpleasant sensations felt in ankle and feet fingers are improved by warmth damp! Aid your legs may ache, twitching in rest time or bed.In... Back pain has subsided of Americans experience restless leg syndrome along with aching, a crawling, sensation... To solve my prob RSL.numbness, pain whole night rid from RLS from the leg! Clinical experience in homeopathy less water or alternating use of Zincum Mettalicum 2000 dear, in lying or position. 30Mg including Seradap 10mg for last 2 years, but also feel it durning day. My knees started shaking professor Imam, 63, an avid believer in homeo medicines any! The blessings of Almighty God in Philadelphia Dr. Tsan, Medical Director of the Philadelphia homeopathic Clinic has clinical. Dr, i am aged 55, male, weight 65 kg by Waldhorn. Extended clinical experience in homeopathy to treat this disease legs during night then relax my toes twitching limb! Walking causes no problem there in the finger tips changes, exercise, and China would like to! Numbness, jerking and twitching of legs at night non-prescription medication treatment for restless from... Mental relaxer also since my child hood, but i drink that water... Bed to relieve the numbness and weakness RLS she has been likened to having an itch which to! Of relief to stop it hopefully in studies but now it has got much worse uneasiness makes.

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