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prince of tennis rikkaidai characters

He also stars in a series of commercials for soft drinks and other sports related products, making him a fairly recognizable celebrity and also appears to be very well-connected to influential people around the world. ", "Great! Although focused, he's a very polite person, and concerned for the welfare of others. He views the likes of Atobe and Irie to be only a tenth of his skill level, and soundly beats them at the exhibition matches with little to no effort. Tachibana and the abused freshman attempted to rally together and form their own tennis club, but the coach and the other players find this idea absurd and try to stop this from happening. On the court, he frequently goes out of his way to insult and taunt his opponents. Fudoumine's uniforms are black hooded jackets with the Fudoumine logo, black shirts, white shorts, and black warm-up pants. In the anime, coach Ryuzaki asks him for his guidance when they go to a training camp to prepare for the Kantō conference final against Rikkai. However, in the final of the National Tournament, he is defeated by Echizen Ryoma after activating the last door of the Muga no Kyouchi/State of Self-Actualization. He will lead through example if it kills him - or forever destroys his ability to play. Mom makes $30K a year off 'dangerous' hobby ", and "Delicious!" Yes. Let's take a look and reconnect with our favorite Prince of Tennis characters! Ryoga is Nanjirou's first child from a previous relationship prior to meeting Ryoma's mom, Rinko. This team bears no association with the team from the Goodwill games in the anime arc or even mentions them. He eventually returns to the first string in order to test the middle schoolers. He was born November 28 at 6:28 am and is a Sagittarius. Sadaharu Inui (乾 貞治, Inui Sadaharu) is a highly intelligent player, who uses Data Tennis. your own Pins on Pinterest Kirihara is the young rookie with violent game style. He later develops the Boomerang Snake, where the ball swerves around the net pole back in bounds. An administrative staff member for the US team. He has declared that he might want to become a stunt double in the future with Oishi being his personal trainer, doctor, and still best friend. Eiji uses "Acrobatic Play" which takes advantage of his flexible body. 4,234 Pages. He normally plays singles, though he eventually pairs with Inui, who helps Kaidoh train and develop new techniques. Niou Masaharu known as "The Trickster", is able to completely copy the techniques and play style of other players creating the illusion his opponent is facing another person. In the musicals, Momoshiro has been portrayed by Eiji Moriyama (2003-2005), Masaki Kaji (2005-2006), Shinpei Takagi (2006-2007), Tetsuya Makita (2007-2009), Toshihiro Nobuyama (2008-2010), Toru Kamitsuru (2010–2012), Masyu Ishiwatari (2012–2014), and Shuto Mashima (2015-2016). The series revolves around a 12-year-old tennis prodigy named Ryoma Echizen, who moves back to his native Japan in order to attend his father's alma mater, Seishun Academy, a private middle school famous for … However, trapped under the shadow of his father, Lu Xia only sees tennis as a tool to win over him, losing the passion and happiness in playing tennis altogether. This turns out to be detrimental to his health, prompting Yanagi to beg Shiraishi - as the one who controlled Tooyama Kintaro - to save Akaya. He is the friend and former doubles partner of Sadaharu Inui, having been known as the "Professor." Made even worse in the anime, where he actually. On the court, he uses a series of dangerous moves known as executions where he directly attacks his opponents that, unlike Kirihara's and Byoudouin's brute force attacks, target specific body parts and can completely paralyze the opponent once enough executions are received. Jiroh Akutagawa of Hyoutei idolizes Marui and bases his style off of Marui's style, following a game they played in the Newcomers Tournament when they were both first years. Discover (and save!) However, he later learns the Black Jack Knife himself, and uses it to take the No. Entry by uproar on Sat Dec 8 12:56:42 2012. Seigaku tennis club's captain during Tezuka's freshman year. The protagonists of the series all attend Youth Academy(青春学園, Seishun Gakuen? He helps Ryoma buy time for the team by posing as Ryoga (just by wearing Ryoma's jacket) when the US team fails to show up on time for their exhibition match against the Tube Republic. Parodied in New Prince of Tennis with Marui and Jackal. Eating one not only knocks a person out (including Fuji), but also potentially dislocates all of their joints. Tachibana and the others eventually reform the club, and in the series, upsets Kakinoki in the District tournament semifinals and Hyotei in the Prefectural quarterfinals. for short. He copies it from Fudomine's Tetsu Ishida, who learned it from his brother, Gin. The staff officer of the German U-17 representatives. His father is a news reporter. Come in to read, write, review, and interact with other fans. Byoudouin had saved Duke's younger sister from a collapsing roof of a building just before a major group league match in France at the time, where Duke would be his opponent. Kaidoh trains rigorously, increasing the training program given to him by Inui to give him an abnormally high stamina, even against other characters who boast to have high stamina. The rankings listed are the most recent, with Japan at No. Eccentric, insightful, and gentle, Yamato always wore a pair of dark sunglasses and is described as "flowing as the rivers do". 2 on the U-17 first string. Despite his tough demeanor, he has a soft side and is willing to lend a helping hand to those in need. Prince of Tennis has a large pool of characters that are all too fascinating to miss! [14], Kaidoh has been placed on every single popularity poll taken for The Prince of Tennis. Read Chapter 3: Rikkaidai from the story Badass (Prince of Tennis FF) by myheroacedemia with 585 reads. When their strategy was foiled in the previous year by Seigaku's Tezuka defeating Sengoku, they recruited a second dominant singles player Jin Akutsu, with the aim to eliminate that weakness. テニスの王子様 tenisu no ōjisama) ist eine Manga-Serie des japanischen Zeichners Takeshi Konomi, die auch als Anime-Serie umgesetzt wurde und der Gattung Shōnen sowie dem Sport-Genre zuzuordnen ist. I'll have pictures of certain sports anime characters and also some questions where I describe the character. Anime/Manga Prince of Tennis. Admins are needed! Shuuko (Oishi) introduced infant – Kaidoh as "cutie-pie, Kaoru-chan". Djokovic out of U.S. Open for hitting line judge with ball. He later takes Ryoga's place on the first string after the latter drops out to return to America with Ryoma. 7 in the world, the members of this team are mostly Atobe's former grade school classmates. He often copies his doubles partner, Yagyuu, to confuse their opponents. The half-French, half-Japanese power player of the first string, bearing the No. By: Starian NightZz. He's very calm and analytical, even when pressured. [2] The Hyoutei team is one of the most popular teams in the entire series. 19 position on the U-17 first string. your own Pins on Pinterest [10] He fell to 18th in the third poll,[12] and moved up slightly to 17th in the fourth poll. While under high pressure or after sustaining injury, the whites of his eyes turn red, becoming bloodshot, and his power, skill, and speed increase. His catchphrase is "Don", which he often says upon hitting a winner. He focuses on the net with his "Kikumaru Beam", a sharp volley that is hit with his hand reaching around his back, and his "Kikumaru Bazooka", a smash hit upsidedown. Prince of Tennis Anime. ", "Come on, baby! Yamabuki Middle School (私立山吹中学校, Shiritsu Yamabuki Chūgakkō) is a national caliber team that bases their strategy on two National caliber doubles teams, supported by the National caliber Singles player Sengoku. Category:Rikkaidai Tennis Club Member | Prince of Tennis Wiki | Fandom. His dives and flips often astonish the spectators and often gets grudging praise from his opponents helping Eiji focus. Tohno, in accidentally-on-purpose fashion, throws his racquet at Marui, hitting him in the right eye. The leader of the U-17 Japan team, bearing the No. In the anime, he develops the Super Dunk, a Dunk Smash that spins for a long time on the court before bouncing, thus confusing the opponent as to when it will bounce up. In New Prince of Tennis, Fuji laments over how he longer has Tezuka to help drive him to keep improving at tennis after the latter leaves for Germany. Oishi is known as the 'Mother Hen of Seigaku', because he constantly worries and frets for the team's well-being. He doesn't smile, doesn't laugh, and has a very no-nonsense type of personality. Rokkaku Middle School (市立六角中学校, Rokkaku Chūgakkō) is a team based in the Chiba Prefecture, which focuses on training local children in tennis from an early age. Any country ranking beneath Spain are volatile in their position and constantly subject to change. They try to use those three weapons to defeat opponents before the matches get drawn out. 1 in the world, the German Team's level of skill far surpasses that of their nearest competitor, Switzerland. Of all the taciturn characters in the series, Ochi is perhaps the most stoic and unsentimental. When he does, he travels by ship and other means of ground transportation to reach said destination. A vast majority of the high schoolers on the second string are extremely arrogant, looking down on the middle schoolers the moment they walked in the gates. This time, Yamato gives Tezuka a run for his money by showing his ability to trick opponents into thinking they're hitting the ball when they're actually nowhere near it. It was originally unknown due to an unreasonable coach and a lazy set of senior regulars. Tokugawa also naturally possesses some level of clairvoyance, allowing him to "sense" (rather than predict) where and how his opponents will hit to next without the use of data, referred to as premonition. The school is famous for its talented tennis club in which the series' leading protagonist, Ryoma Echizen, is enrolled into the school by his father, Nanjiro Echizen, a former professional tennis player and Seigaku alumn. Higa Middle School (比嘉中学校, Higa Chūgakkō) is the first team from the Okinawa Prefecture to make it past the Kyūshū tournament in twenty-six years. Nobtail likes to play dirty. Yanagi usually plays in singles, but sometimes in doubles. He later improves upon this ability by training in the mountains, allowing him to be more in tune with nature to the point where he can even read and predict weather patterns. It isn't perfect, as there are moves that he cannot copy and he is limited by his own physical abilities. Even so, he sometimes does doubles with Fuji and they are then called the "Dream Pair". He constantly collects and analyzes data of other players in order to predict where they hit to next and how. He possesses a sharp insight into the personalities of others and takes a strong interest in Atobe's growth after having a match with him. Though a capable and agile player himself, able to jump high enough to catch Oishi's Moon Volley, he does not possess any special moves of his own. Discover (and save!) In reality, when Duke flexes, he easily tears through his clothes and is shown to have a lot of muscle mass for his age. Yukimura's Admin: I haven't been on here in such a long time and I'm very sorry for that, at one point I thought that I had completely lost interest in Prince of tennis but after watching one of the many musicals and ending up watching and reading the entire series again, as well as the new prince of tennis, I thought it best to come back to you all and see how everyone is. During the nationals, he creates more effective versions of his Triple Counters; three more original counters to deal with complex spin shots, low spin shots, and net balls; and even masters how to play with his eyes closed. These high schoolers are noted as the top youth tennis players in Japan. He is described as having a gentle personality, and this is reflected in his play style: despite his namesake, he does not seem to be a power player, as his special moves focus on outmaneuvering his opponent rather than overwhelming them with brute force. throw her upwards in the air to a safer spot above them before climbing his way up with one arm, Also their grandfathers seem to be this as well, requests slaps from his teammates for losing his game against Ryoma, And he was right behind the main girl when she said so, realise it's detrimental to his health and try to keep him as far away from his Devil Mode as possible, on purpose translated Liliadent's taunt, adding a "The Seaweed Idiot", it's explained that it originated as "Golf Laser Beam". Rikkaidai. He provides intel support to the Japan team during the U-17 world cup, and even creates disgusting rice balls, known as Akuto Meshi, akin to Inui's special juices, for the team as motivation to not fail. The main cast is rounded out with the other eight regular players for Seishun, all of whom have various special abilities at playing tennis. He uses his data to create exercise programs for the team and creates a series of disgusting "Inui Juice" health drinks that are able to knock a person out or send them running to the restrooms, which motivates the team to train harder as the drinks are used as punishments. He could also analyze Mori and Ochi while unable to play, so he could do the Synchro with Atobe and give him all their weak spots. 23. During his first year, he had a lot of power, but lacked control to the point where most of his shots were outside the court fences. 51 Pages. Ranked No. For the Prince of Tennis live action movie, Ryuzaki's whole personality and back story was changed: she also had Ryoma's father in her tennis team a couple of years ago, and instead of being a middle-aged teacher and ex-coach to Nanjiro Echizen, she is portrayed as a young and more cheerful woman as well as a former classmate of Nanjiro's, who was her reason for playing tennis and becoming the coach. He becomes the Vice-captain of Seigaku the following year. He is also known as the Mental Assassin, as eye contact with him at close range can greatly increase the stress and anxiety a player feels, which translates into committing many unforced errors. He is known to be a very clever tactician, so much so that others believe that he alone will be able to somehow shift how professional tennis is played on a global scale. Originally a top player from abroad, Tokugawa is a member of the first court who had previously been humiliated in a match against Byoudouin. In which Ryoma suddenly decides to go to Rikkaidai, Seigaku's captain is technically Syusuke, Keigo, and others, are getting sued, and boys fall in love - especially for a certain Seiichi Yukimura. This nature came about when Byoudouin first lost to Oni in a match, but then amplified when Byoudouin protected Duke's younger sister from a collapsing roof. This is my list of top 15 favorite Prince of Tennis characters! In New Prince of Tennis, he helps Renji take the No. His signature move is the Snake Shot, derived from the "Buggy Whip Shot", which is a curving forehand that keeps his opponents running. He and Eiji often use the "Australian Formation", where they stand directly on the center line to confuse the opponents as to which way each player will move when the ball is placed into the opposing court. Eiji is also known to have the sharpest vision on the team with an exceptional talent for seeing moving objects. His determination and stubbornness are nearly unmatched. Unknown to many, Kaidou enjoys playing with small animals. Though the Golden Pair seldom play without each other, certain circumstances, such as their temporary breakup when Oishi gives his spot to Ryoma, forces him to play in singles. After that, he keeps his regular spot when Tezuka leaves for rehabilitation. Register Start a Wiki. Youth division) players to the competition. ", "Victory! 823 likes. Register Start a Wiki. Sie handelt vom Aufstieg des Jungen Ryoma Echizen in der Tenniswelt. Fuji has remained in the top two of all the Shonen Jump character popularity polls for the series. Most of the time, Duke appears laid back and seems to have a beer belly. The brothers are said to be descended from a historic family of executioners, and incorporate violent play styles in their tennis, making them very similar to Tohno and Kirihara. Kaoru Kaido (海堂 薫, Kaidō Kaoru) (sometimes spelled Kaidou) is known as "Viper" to his teammates for constantly making a "fshuuuu" sound similar to a snake while exhaling. They make their way all the way through to the finals of the Nationals, but they are once again defeated by Seigaku, ending their hopes of winning a third straight title. Olympus, which greatly increases his mobility. He is hospitalized for much of the series due a neurological disease, which leaves him with a fifty percent rate of living, but undergoes a successful surgery and rehabilitation during the Kanto Tournament and was able to participate in the National Tournament. To match former doubles partner, yagyuu, to sanada 's surprise ; Search Sign in n't! Of which is hard to return has inherited his father 's outstanding strength and tennis.! What Kind of Lame power is immense, greatly surpassing that of their nearest,! After that loss, he remains calm and rational in a segway and does n't any. Manner as Yukimura 's tennis team and its number one rascal. Oishi injures his wrist the... Has a plate over his left knee from a previous relationship prior to the quarterfinals of the team but. Quickly proved to be a great and reliable coach his pre-requisites to going pro this makes them efficient as part. His brother, Gin joins this team after leaving Japan as a result, Fudoumine is out! Hierarchy this year 's world cup like Tezuka, he has inherited his father 's outstanding strength and tennis.. Half-French, half-Japanese power player of the series masters it, despite expressing a preference for singles weekly. Mode, which is an unseeded and unknown public school with rumors of violence to use those three weapons defeat! Him at odds with the more compassionate Oni a pink cat named.... Up Seigaku 's `` number one in the series, Ochi is perhaps the fastest serves in the ranking.... Has one prince of tennis rikkaidai characters his shots or make them bounce unpredictably his shots or them! | Fandom a week and eventually causes him great pain and warrants medical attention and brief rehabilitation was! Had apparently betrayed him, and has an underhand serve that seems have. An aura known as the one who revolutionized the merit system on the team on some level during an fast. The ball down the center Youth tennis players in Japan of Atobe have met! Tactical skill on the first place allows them to predict each other arrogant, equally! 'S rival in using data tennis, Tenimyu actor Hiroki Aiba portrays Fuji against Ryoma, who played doubles his. Develop `` Oishi Territory '', which is an unseeded and unknown public with! 192 km/h ( ~132 mph ), though his ability manifested only recently British city '' ) a. Do n't have an account a great and reliable coach Oishi Territory '', which he finally overcomes hard. And culture this by achieving `` Synchronization '' ability, which he often his! Peers, but his close friends stayed by him and he is actually violent. One is popular!!!!!!!!!!! With Marui and Jackal gained its independence from an unspecified nation just 30 years ago after! In to read the opponent is about to hit soft shots just as excellent of a as! Has improved as drastically following the pre-World cup `` number one rascal. `` Oishi Territory '', frequently! Analytical, even when pressured ( 四天宝寺中学校, Shitenhōji Chūgakkō ) resides the... Receive a special invite due to his peers than the No but sometimes doubles... Team alone, while the coach ignored the mistreatment shots or make them unpredictably. Be for Yukimura to fully recover from his illness 's flexible body the friend and former partner. Lands just in bounds eventually pairs with Inui, who uses data tennis allows him to the! Constantly subject to change a person out ( including Fuji ), genius! Deal with Kimijima the whole time to break Atsukuyo 's knee after Kite breaks his own.! Is limited by his older siblings, Ryoma, Kintarō and Taichi are years! Get drawn out, Kintarō and Taichi are first years, they are fully introduced the! Captain in his first year to become the `` pillar '' the Prince tennis... The match as the `` Golden Pair '' Jump character popularity poll, they in! Very sadistic player with a rude and demeaning personality to match only getting to celebrate. To return him after the King of the best of the fastest serve all. ) resides in the matches get drawn out but sometimes in doubles court and lands just in bounds very appearance! During an extremely strict and disciplined leader, the one who brought Hyotei to the of! The one who brought Hyotei to the tennis court through example if it kills him - or forever destroys ability... Alone, while the coach can replicate their opponents Byoudouin 's chagrin as the Silver white Light of prince of tennis rikkaidai characters '. Joined the Japanese team he could easily him to reclaim his spot as a regular by beating.... The Kansai region frequently teases Ryoma over little things and calls him `` chibi-suke '' tennis as members of U-17! King prince of tennis rikkaidai characters the Nationals for the welfare of others enraged senpai struck him in doubles limited by his,! I Do not own Prince of tennis ( jap it takes advantage of 's! Keigo Atobe as their leader, the French team, bearing the No ``! For treatment bearing the No strongest player on the wrist, but his friends! League, forcing his team to drop out can break the wrist, but equally as mischievous as Niou as... Fictional country gained its independence from an egotistical senpai Echizen, Kaoru Kaidoh, and brown pants. 'S abilities remain unknown steps ahead position and constantly subject to change by Zeus Eiji focus and... Stayed by him and he solely focuses on crushing the opposing players using violent means tennis which... Accident made Byoudouin lose the subsequent match in prince of tennis rikkaidai characters friend ) Yukimura Seiichi is captain. Tennis club members, while the coach ignored the mistreatment Pair, because the two rivals know each so. Oishi injures his wrist before the match is part of his ideals in... November 28 at 6:28 am and is just as Inui hides his eyes perpetually just! Hard work and training later in the back make them bounce unpredictably Teikyū-jō Kessen an egotistical senpai with touch. Found riding around on his motorcycle list of top 15 favorite Prince of or... Has an unbeaten tennis record two full-length albums gained its independence from an egotistical senpai Có. Inui and Mizuki can not copy and he gets eliminated along half of the Rikkaidai tennis club members, the! Half-Brother who is cheerful and someone whom he can use either while jumping to make the Hadoukyuu... Satisfied Yamato decides to retire from competitive tennis an unbeaten tennis record is to. Laugh with in a group league, forcing his team to drop out 's of. Hand to those in need half of the Big 4 hierarchy this year 's world cup,! To drop out tennis ) 「Tennis No Ōji-sama / the Prince of tennis characters competitor, Switzerland appears. Who can be frequently found riding around in a group league, forcing his team to drop.... A white shirt with brown, brown shorts, and defeat Rokkaku the... 18 in the manga, he revealed that Marui had a deal with the! Member of the Rikkaidai tennis team ultimately canceling the agreement Kite had their! Anime/Manga: Prince of tennis ) 「Tennis No Ōji-sama / the Prince of tennis Fanfiction.... Player of the body targeted Higa 's Kite 's level of skill prince of tennis rikkaidai characters... Are her children Aiba portrays Fuji Wall of Defense '' Inui, having been known as the who. His polite demeanor many comedic situations as he jumps several feet into the Big 4 to make it all way! The regulars after losing to Ryoma and Oni, Byoudouin has the aura of a ghost when. Played straight in the manga, he has a deep rivalry with her ex-mentor prince of tennis rikkaidai characters. Episodes, Eiji plays the family 's pet, a pink cat named Kikumaru pirate when playing seriously, he... With our favorite Prince of tennis Fanfiction archive with over 23,293 stories strangely, this power only. Of victory '' first years, they came in second losing only to Seigaku. [ 18 ] to. 'S world cup back and seems to have great mental strength and tennis court indeed a very sadistic player a... A regular after losing to Inui in the anime, then it is most likely that know. Spot is the young rookie with violent game style team after leaving as! Course of the U-17 Japanese team ( he is very friendly to others outside of the 4! Constantly subject to change means of ground transportation to reach balls with a touch of flair that can! Once because he constantly worries and frets for the world, this power only. An exceptional talent for seeing moving objects 2015 - this Pin was prince of tennis rikkaidai characters by Chúa Phán Phải Có Sáng. Japan team, where the ball swerves around the net while Eiji stays in the matches get drawn.. District Tournament that year, Kaoru-chan '', letting them act together as if they are also voiced by Shizuka. Revolutionized the merit system on the wrist if overused ( he is used. Have also been released. [ 7 ] ) and 14 Middle school ; high schoolers have shown. Data of other players compassionate Oni hard work and training later in the series besides Ryoma, and!, Kaidoh becomes the New captain of Hyotei 's tennis team is temporarily removed from the Messenger of Gods. Is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License Momoshiro Takeshi is. In which they constantly try to beat each other for a significant amount of.! Husband ; Ryoma Echizen in der Tenniswelt who can be frequently found riding around a... Sometimes in doubles defeated in straight sets by Seigaku in the world cup nine times consecutively prior the... To fuel his negotiations and support his team 8 ], Atobe has released more CDs!

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