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best swimbait heads

Topwater tactics like this are best used in calm water conditions like in early morning or late afternoon. Free shipping . I may take a lot of heat for putting this one up there - but if you … They can have one joint in the middle (Single Jointed) or as many as six or more (Multi Jointed). font-weight: bold; $5.99 4 Colors. 50 Thistle Ridge Road, Eureka CA 95503 +1 (707) 498-7473. border-left-width: thin; Sort by Featured Best Selling Alphabetically, A-Z Alphabetically, Z-A Price, low to high Price, high to low Date, new to old Date, old to new The bodies are typically jointed to improve the swimming action when its retrieved. $5.99 6 Colors. Try to target some kind of cover or structure. Hog Farmer. The most common swimbait for Lake Tawakoni is the four-inch Silk Chartreuse Sassy Shad. .style1 { border-left-style: solid; Because swimbait fishing has become so popular, almost every rod manufacturer offers a special swimbait rod design. When paired with a swimbait, these jig heads resemble a baitfish. Some come with hook ring on the bottom to give you the option of adding a treble hook. This style has a lot of hook exposure which is great for hooksets, but not very weedless. Castaic. Swimbait Heads. You’re not going to be comfortably throwing these big bass lures with your crankbait rod, or any other freshwater rod you own. Frenzy Swimbait Heads. There are non-jointed versions but not many. Typically the hard body models come equipped with treble hooks and are far from weedless. } color: #FFFFFF; The hardest part of fishing big swimbaits for bass is being patient. Most importantly, the integrated ScrewLock bait keeper feature attaches to your soft plastic swimbaits … Stained water will dull the lures natural colors through the eyes of a bass, so it’s not as crucial as it is in clear water to match local prey. They do not come with hooks so you need to get them separately and rig them yourself. Big bass look for big meals, especially ones that don’t require a ton of effort to catch. In addition to their different body designs and lengths, swimbaits come in a large palette of color choices. } Phenix Vengeance 3-D Eye Swimbait Lead Heads 2pk. Don’t forget, these bigger bass your targeting have tougher mouths and you need that extra hookset power to get the hooks to puncture their skin. border-right-style: solid; Here’s a look at the differences between them. These are also soft swimbaits, but they are on the smaller side and usually come in packages of multiple baits like soft plastic worms do. The detail on some of the hard bodied models today can be extremely lifelike, that goes for their action in the water as well. You need to select the best swimbait rod for the size bait you are fishing. It’s not uncommon for serious anglers to pay hundreds of dollars for quality hand-made models, like Roman Made lures for example. There’s different types of swimbaits designed to mimic various species that bass prey on. Best Bass Fishing Lures is an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. Luring them out of cover to attack quickly like this does not give the bass much time to investigate the lure. Some of the hard body versions have a lip in the front of the lure to create the swimming action, much like a crankbait, while others don’t need a lip to swim. $4.19 6th Sense Core X Swimbait Jig Heads 4pk. Dirty Jigs Matt Stefan Guppy Swimbait Jig Head 3pk. Any time you know the natural prey in the lake your fishing and can match it, you should absolutely do so. font-size: 12px; You could literally fill an entire tackle shop with strictly swimbait gear, and get plenty of business. My Account; My Cart; Log In Best Top Hook Models. Glide baits are basically an elongated version of a single-jointed hard swimbait. Enter the finesse swimbait, or “Scrubbing” technique. Part of making this decision depends on the body type you plan to fish with. You’ll be able to rip the trebles through light grass but if your fishing in thick weed cover, a hard body is not your best choice. . It involves using a diminutive 2.5 inch to 3.5 inch soft plastic paddle tail swimbait like the Big Bite Baits Shad, and threading it onto a light 3/16 or ¼ ounce jig head. It’s rated for one to five ounces, meaning it … These baits are equipped with a standard hook, where the long shank of the hook runs through the center of the body and turns up and out the top/back of the lure. border-bottom-style: solid; Ideally, the line should be in the range of twenty to twenty-five pound test. height: 23px; 4 Colors. Fish Head Dude It’s also the ideal style for dragging along the bottom. Swimbaits have become one of the more popular options among bass fishermen in recent years and one of the questions I hear asked the most is should I use a jighead or a weighted hook on my soft paddle-tail swimbait? Swimbait heads are jig heads used for attaching swimbaits. $5.39 - $6.59 4x4 Little Head Swimbait Jig Heads 3pk. body { border-right-width: thin; It’s a 7′-9″ medium-heavy rod with a fast action tip. If you’re throwing micro swimbaits like a 2.8 keitech, a Guppy Head with its small 1/0 hook is a great match, but if you’re fishing anywhere in the middle, its time to try the TacticalBassin Finesse Swimbait Head. Eco Pro Tungsten Trokar Thunder Spin . Deps Bumble Head. Alternatively, there are sinking and diving models that you would use deeper in the water column, or even dragged along the bottom. width: 35px; Dirty Jigs Matt Stefan Guppy Swimbait Jig Head $ 5.99. Line-through swimbaits are designed to protect the bait from being damaged. This version can also be rigged with a swimbait hook, but the solid body gives it a lower hookset success rate. To rig them you feed your line through a hole on the nose of the bait, which leads into a narrow tube that goes through the bait and out the bottom or top end. A good reel spooled with adequate line is important, but not at crucial as the rod. They do not come with hooks so you need to get them separately and rig them yourself. Free shipping . } 2. rose kuli multi-jointed bass swimbait: 3. fastestever jig head swimbait: 4. calissa offshore multi-jointed swimbait: 5. goture minnow big tail swimbaits Single jointed swimbaits are made up of two solid body parts, attached to each other by a hinging connection that allows the bait to “swim” as it’s retrieved. $4.19 6th Sense Core X Swimbait Jig Heads 4pk. The best hooks to use with hollow body paddle tail swimbaits are swim bait hooks. Choosing the Best Swimbait Color . Dobyns Fury Series. But if you want a great shot at a trophy bass then you need to stay committed. The jig heads listed here are ideal for single swimbait presentations for use with the Alabama Rig. This ball head jig works best when matched with a 3.8- or 4- inch swimbait. 99 If you’re in a big bass environment, especially around heavy cover, the Matt Allen Swimbait Head is your best bet. But also like crankbaits, some erratic action to break up the repetitive motion can help entice bites. Solid body lures avoid this problem as they are all “one piece” meaning you don’t have to worry about the tail becoming misplaced during the cast or retrieve. Dirty Jigs Matt Allen Swimbait Jighead $ 5.99. } $10.50. Their soft bodies give them a more realistic feel when engulfed by a bass, which gives you more time to set the hook. Sale - Save 25% $ 5.39. border-top-width: thin; Swimbait fishing has become so popular that it has carved out it’s own category in the world of bass fishing. The action is slow. These reels get put under a lot of wear and tear pulling big baits and fighting heavy fish. Sale - Save 25% $ 2.99. Hog Farmer Swim Bait heads. ... Best Seller. It’s the natural appearance and swimming action of a swimbait that gets these big bass to bite. A stronger reel will stand the test of time in the big bait game. border: thin solid #95C54B; These rods are long, powerful sticks that can launch heavy baits a great distance and set the hook properly. Of course they do come in smaller sizes, but nine times out of ten when a bass angler refers to swimbait fishing, they are talking about baits between six and twelve inches long. Ledgehead is the best swimbait head on the market and this week I'm gonna tell you why. Dirty Jigs Matt Stefan Guppy Swimbait Jig Head 3pk. The Live Target Sunfish is not particularly huge but it is a great representation … This … } Dirty Jigs Tackle Swimbait Head . THKFISH Round Jig Heads 1/2oz 1/3oz 1/4oz 1/6oz Walleye Fishing Jigs Saltwater Freshwater Swimbait Jigs Jig Head Hook for Bass Trout Pack of 10 4.3 out of 5 stars 71 $9.99 $ 9 . The head comes though cover and across structure without getting snagged like other swimbait heads. Swimbait Heads. A minimum of seventeen pound test monofilament line should be used for these heavy lures. It’s because of this and their large profile that they attract large bass. That’s why using trout and bluegill swimbaits are so effective in lakes that hold those species. 5 PK! Find top brands, best prices, and great service at America's Tackle Shop. Big bass are smart, and they didn’t get that big without learning a few things along the way, so fooling them isn’t easy and it just doesn’t happen as often. font-weight: bold; The 6th Sense Divine Swimbait Jig Heads feature a custom painted and realistic, detailed head design with a 90 degree line tie black nickel Mustad Hook for optimal action and hook up ratio. These can also be rigged with a straight shank hook or a jig head to be fished like a top hook swimbait. One of the all time best softplastic swimbaits is the Keitech Easy Shiner. Now we know How to Choose the Proper Swimbait Jig Head, let’s talk about Swimbaits for Lake Tawakoni Striped Bass. From offshore largemouth to river current smallmouth, the swimming profile and versatility of a swimbait jig head is incredible. Lobbing a big bait along docks or patches of weeds are great methods for getting a bass to ambush your lure. Dirty Jigs Matt Stefan Guppy Head. Sale. 3 Best Soft-Plastic Swimbaits Swimbaits are well known for being big bass lures, and they have more than earned that reputation. background-color: #FFF; Smaller models sure, but once your in to 8″ baits weighing well over an ounce you will need suitable gear. Report item - opens in a new window or tab. HERRING JIG HEAD 3/4oz, 3/0 VMC HOOKS, SWIMBAIT HEAD, JIG HEAD, BUCKTAILS. Phenix Vengeance 3-D Eye Swimbait Lead Heads 2pk. These are great baits if your looking to slow down your presentation, they perform awesome with the stop and go method, similarly to how you work a jerkbait. Keitech Easy Shiner. Depending on the model, the head of the hook comes weighted or unweighted. The visual appearance plays such a major roll in attracting a basses attention with these lures that using very detailed ones in clear or lightly stained water will give the best results. Hollow body paddle tail swimbaits are best used with swimbait hooks. But you should pick brighter versions of the natural prey’s colors so the lure flashes them underwater and attract attention in a familiar fashion. The Strike King Rage Swimmer is a very versatile swimbait. It has excellent swimming action and is a great imitation of fleeing shad. Details VMC Swimbait Jigs feature a life like baitfish head. The advantage to the solid body is that it is much more durable and stays rigged properly, and for a longer period of time. Some anglers use braid for the extra strength, but the transparentness of monofilament or fluorocarbon is much better since appearing natural is so important. The longer body profile gives the bait a wider “S-shaped” swimming action than that of a standard swimbait. 4 Colors. Thanks for watching and don't forget to subscribe! The four-inch Sassy Shad is a wide profile swimbait and the silk chartreuse color will catch fish all year long. Choosing the best swimbaits for bass means selecting a head where the body sits neatly on the lure without any overlap. If you don’t know what species the bass are preying on then use a baby bass swimbait, I would hope you at least know that bass are present. If your fishing them out in open water, a bass will hone in on it from a distance and have time to figure out it’s unnatural. When you’re swimbait fishing for bass you need to stay committed to it all day, so you don’t miss those big bites. The bites are mostly few and far between, but when they come they can be from some of the biggest bass in the lake. Cumberland Pro Lures Swimbait Jighead. The Best Swimbait … } One of the best swimbait rods for the money is the Dobyns Fury Series FR 795SB. Sign up to receive emails with great bass lure tips! The bites are going to come far less often than they would with a conventional bass lure and it can be hard not to pick up another rod. Selecting the right size and color are the two most important factors in choosing the best swimbait. Due to the amount of work that goes in to the fine tuning of hard swimbaits, they can be very expensive. The Heads… Rods that are not rated for them are not going to be able to handle them, and will either break or simply not have the “backbone” required to cast them. font-size: 12px; Dirty Jigs Matt Allen Swimbait Head. When the line is all the way through you tie a treble hook to it and your rigged. Dirty Jigs Tackle HD Swim Bait Jig Head . They come unweighted or with a “belly weight” that is on the middle part of the hook’s shank. Since monofilament floats, its better for baits that you plan to work on or near the surface. And a laterally compressed aspirin-shaped jig is usually the best when you want to cut current and get your bait down to the bottom quickly. These are big, heavy, solid-rubber lures. Swimbait Jig Heads. $8.99. They have a wider and smoother swimming action than a single jointed model. Starting at $5.39. More than any other lure, it takes a special rod to fish a big swimbait. For most casual anglers though, a rod rated for 1-5 ounces will suffice. Of course a lot of how you will be retrieving your bait has a lot to do with whether it sinks or floats. You ROCK! Starting at $5.99. The key is to find the slowest reel speed you can apply to engage the swimming action of the lure. There are subcategories of each type and some come in a combination, like having a hard body with a soft rubber tail. .SField { Decoy SG BT-34. Savage Gear Real 3-D Trout; Huddleston Deluxe 6″ Top Hook; Mattlures Ultimate Bluegill; Paddle Tail Swimbaits. While swimbaits in general lean more on the expensive side, there are much more affordable options. Fish Head V-Lock Swimbait Jighead . Not to mention these are expensive lures so you won’t want to get it hung up and lose it. These baits are made up of three or more body sections that are all hinged together. Live Target Sunfish. Swimbait Heads. The design features on the different types of soft models can differ quite drastically. Dirty Jigs Tackle. -->, , 6th Sense Lures Divine Screwlock Swimbait Heads. Although your more likely to get strikes from trophy bass when fishing a these big baits, that doesn’t mean smaller bass won’t hit them too. .style2 { This is an easy meal that is hard to resist for a hungry bass. If you’re casting a smaller swimbait (six inches or less) then you really don’t need a designated swimbait rod. Best Seller. These are the ideal style swimbait for fishing heavily weeded areas because they can be rigged weedless. The Original Swimbait - The Grub! Shop quality Swimbaits in our Bass store at FishUSA. They also help to keep a bass hooked during the fight by eliminating the leverage they have when trying to shake off a full-body bait. BIG SWIMBAIT HEADS, 1oz WITH HEAVY 6/0 VMC 7161BN SALTWATER HOOKS, 5 PACK!